Not sure about gas safety? Check with the experts 

Gas can be a dangerous thing, and should only be looked at by highly qualified professionals. Luckily, all the engineers here at Aire Serv Stoke-on-Trent are Gas Safe registered and have full background checks, so you know that you’ll be looked after properly by us.

As we are the experts at gas safety, we would like to share some of our top tips to keep you safe:

  • Never attempt any gas DIY! This may be something you have never thought about doing, but in a recent survey, an alarming 1 in 3 people said that they would fit a gas appliance themselves to save money.
    If you’re are good at DIY, stick to building wardrobes, fitting shelves and painting and leave the gas appliances to the professionals!
    A poorly installed or incorrectly serviced gas appliances is a ticking time-bomb. The end result could be a leak, explosion, house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. One false move could kill you, so call Aire Serv Stoke-on-Trent to have one of our Gas Safe registered engineers to tackle the job for you.
  • If you smell gas in your home, you may have a potential gas leak which could be a disaster. If you do suspect a gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service 24/7 hotline on 0800 111 999 and you will be able to speak to a trained operator.

If you believe you have an internal gas leak, you must:

o   Leave the premises immediately

o   Turn off the gas supply

o   Contact your gas supplier urgently

o   Open your doors and windows

o   DO NOT switch on any lights or electrical devices

o   DO NOT turn on any gas appliances

o   DO NOT light a fire, strike a match, use a naked flame or smoke a cigarette

  • Carbon Monoxide is something that you must be aware of. As it is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, it is very hard to detect. However, if you have a leak, you will start to feel unwell. Watch out for symptoms such as a headache, dizziness, breathlessness followed by nausea and eventual collapse and loss of consciousness.
    Carbon Monoxide poisoning occurs due to a lack of oxygen and kills twenty people in the UK each year.
    As the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are very similar to the flu, the easiest way to protect yourself from it is to get a carbon monoxide detector that alerts you to any leaks. The Gas Safe engineers at Aire Serv Stoke-on-Trent will be able to install these in your home so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your house is safe from a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Gas Safety Certificates are a legal requirement for any landlord or owner of commercial premises. It lasts for 12 months and is a certificate that says that all gas appliances have been tested and have been found to be safe.
    The tests will include making sure that all appliances are well ventilated, that there is a constant supply of fresh air so gas can burn properly and that all safety devices are effective and operational.  Your flues and chimneys will also be inspected to ensure fumes can be ejected appropriately.
    If everything is okay and passes these inspections, you will receive a CP12 certificate showing the date, property address, description of each appliance and flue, any faults found and action taken to correct them, all results of operational safety checks, plus the name and registration number of your gas engineer.