Want to control your heating with your smartphone?

We are now in a time of smartphones, apps and high-tech equipment, and this doesn’t stop at your homes heating and hot water. You can now get Smart Thermostats and Smart Radiator Valves which you can control from your smart phone via Wi-Fi.

A Smart Thermostat can control your heating and hot water from your phone, create a heating schedule and even learn what your routine is, even when you’re not at home! There are lots of different brands to choose from, including Nest, Hive, Tado, Netatmo and more. 

You can also now have Smart Radiator Valves on your normal thermostatic radiators, meaning that you can even control each room separately. So if you are sitting in your living room and no one is using the study, you can turn the heating up in the living room but turn the study radiator off, all from the sofa. This can dramatically cut your heating bill as you won’t be heating the whole house unnecessarily.

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