Could your heating system do with a good clean?

If you want to make sure your heating system is in tip-top condition, a powerflush could be the way forward. A powerflush is a process that cleanses and clears your heating system of any deposits of debris, including a build-up of sludge or rust that can affect the performance of your heating.

Does your radiator have cold spots, or is it hotter in one area of the house than the other? Maybe you hear excessive noise from the boiler or the water that you bleed from the radiator is discoloured? This could be because you have a build-up of debris inside the pipes or the radiator itself and could do with a good flush through.

A powerflush can do just that. A high strength cleaning chemical is pushed through your whole heating system to tackle the debris present, cleaning away anything that is stopping your heating system from working in perfect condition.